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Motivational speaker Michael V. Ivanov

High Energy Keynote Speaker | Author


Stay Alive All Your Life!

Research shows that people who can identify their purpose in life live longer, have better mental and physical health, and are more engaged with their peers and colleagues.

Michael motivates audiences to reconnect to purpose through meaningful pursuits, intentional habits, and attitudes of service and gratitude. 
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When he was 18, Michael quit his speech class and swore he would never take the stage again after a humiliating presentation. Today, Michael is a Game-Changing speaker and Best-Selling author who has impacted thousands of people with his message of resilience
From students, to athletes, to leaders, to business professionals, Michael motivates audiences to take personal responsibility for their lives, reconnect to their purpose, and cultivate success in every aspect of their lives. As a child, he immigrated to the United States just before the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War and is the grandson of a ‘Siege of Leningrad’ and Dachau camp survivor. Michael's talent for story-telling and his success principles motivate and empower audiences to smash fears, limitations, and passive, excuse-oriented mindsets. He reveals how the personal choices we make, the attitudes we carry, and the principles we choose to live by, determine the success & quality of our lives. 

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A world-class author, storyteller, and purpose coach

Michael Ivanov is a renowned motivational speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Every year, he delivers electrifying keynotes to thousands of people at conferences and events that leave lasting impact on audiences, helping them learn the strategies for lasting engagement and motivation.

Using success principles from his best-selling novels, he motivates people to reconnect to their purpose through meaningful pursuits, intentional habits, and attitudes of service and gratitude. 

Michael uses engaging storytelling, interactive activities & humor to create an inspiring & informative experience your audience will never forget. Going beyond the standard keynote presentation, Michael creates a customized experience that will have your audience leaving energized and inspired.


Rick Caruso, Business innovator, civic leader and philanthropist

"I'm not someone who typically needs motivation, I wake up everyday ready to go but Michael's speech at our annual summit really got me fired up and gave me some new perspectives!


Sam Taggart, D2D Experts

Michael rocked his session at our D2D conference. In fact, his session was the highest rated by workshop attendees so we had to bring him in for our mastermind retreat as well to inspire our members!


Tom Bailey, WCH Superintendent

I received tons of positive messages from staff about Michael's presentation! 
They NEEDED to hear him today!!
YOU changed people's lives today for the better and for that I am grateful. You made an impact on every staff member, thus every student in Washington Court House City Schools. Thank you!

Michael's 5th book is out now!
A practical guide to discovering your purpose and nurturing your dreams

In a world filled with distractions and uncertainty, "This is why I'm Here" is Michael's guiding light to help you uncover your true purpose and embark on the transformative journey towards realizing your dreams. This inspiring, story-packed, and practical guide is your companion on the path to personal fulfillment and success.
Are you feeling lost, trapped in a routine that doesn't resonate with your deepest desires? Have you been yearning for a more meaningful and purposeful life? If so, Michael understands you because Michael has been there. 

Michael's 5th book" This is why I'm Here" is not just a book; it's a personal conversation with Michael. Whether you're a recent graduate uncertain about your career path, a mid-career professional seeking greater purpose, or someone simply yearning for more fulfillment and in need of some positivity, this book is a light-hearted but powerful manual that will empower you to unlock your full potential and pursue the life you were meant to live.
Embark on a journey of self-discovery, purpose, and passion today so you, too, can finally say, "This is why I'm Here."

Michael Ivanov's new book, new book, This is why I'm here,

"I am so glad I was able to make it to the event! I was transformed by your message, I needed it, the world needs to hear it. Authentic & Powerful!" 
-BPA Student

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Michael's Best-selling Inspirational Novels


Reasons to work with Michael

Emotional Storytelling

Michael uses powerful, emotional stories to create a connection with the audience and leave a lasting impact. Stories are a proven method to inspire and move your audience to action.

Actionable Takeaways

Michael leaves the audience with action steps that can be applied as soon as they leave the room. They will walk away with clear & practical strategies to thrive.