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Motivational speaker Michael V. Ivanov

Motivational Speaker | Author

Helping Leaders Lead
 Courageously, Intentionally, & Authentically 

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A world-class author, storyteller, and purpose coach

​When he was 18, Michael quit his speech class and swore he would never take the stage again after a humiliating presentation. Today, Michael is a Game-Changing speaker and Best-Selling author who has impacted millions with his message of resilience

As a child, he immigrated to the United States just before the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War and is the grandson of a ‘Siege of Leningrad’ and Dachau camp survivor. 

Whether it's students, athletes, leaders, or business professionals, Michael uses his talent for story-telling and his personal experiences as an entrepreneur to motivate audiences to overcome fears, build confidence, make meaningful connections, and inspire others by leading Courageously, Intentionally, and Authentically.

(AKA The "CIA" Method)


Rick Caruso, Business innovator, civic leader and philanthropist

"I'm not someone who typically needs motivation, I wake up everyday ready to go but Michael's speech to our leaders at our annual summit really got me fired up and ready to lead from the heart!


Sam Taggart, D2D Experts

Michael rocked his session at our D2D conference. In fact, his session was the highest rated by workshop attendees so we had to bring him in for our mastermind retreat as well to inspire our members!


Tom Bailey, WCH Superintendent

I received tons of positive messages from staff about Michael's presentation! 
They NEEDED to hear him today!!
YOU changed people's lives today for the better and for that I am grateful. You made an impact on every staff member, thus every student in Washington Court House City Schools. Thank you!

Rather than trying to adjust and react to change on the fly, Michael believes leaders and teams with a mindset of resilience and adaptability can navigate any future professional and personal scenario successfully. As the pace of change accelerates, confidence levels plummet, affecting our self-assurance, pursuits, and trust in each other. This downward trend ultimately leads to a drop in engagement. If we seek a more driven and engaged organization, it starts with leaders who lead Courageously, Intentionally, and Authentically and help others do the same.


An energizing experience from start to finish. Your audience will walk away with actionable strategies that will help them improve both personally & professionally. All presentations are customized to best fit your audience’s needs. Whether your teams and leaders are dealing with burnout, change, or lacking motivation, Michael will work with you and your team to design a home-run experience.

With 7,000,000+ Views on his viral commencement speech, and 4 Best-selling Novels, Michael knows what it takes to inspire people to live and lead Courageously, speak and work Intentionally, and pursue their purpose Authentically.


"I am so glad I was able to make it to the event! I was transformed by your message, I needed it, the world needs to hear it. Authentic & Powerful!" 
-BPA Student

"Michael's presence was not only inspiring, but undoubtedly needed for our team. Towards the end of our meeting, I could already see a renewed synergy with our team. Michael, I want to personally thank you for being able to take the reins and to be so engaging to our leaders. 
We'll definitely be reaching out again for future meetings!" 

-Tom Moore, The Wellness Group

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