Michael's Hottest Topics

Michael’s keynotes are interchangeable and always tailored to your event and audience needs! The above presentations are Michael’s most requested topics but not limited to the above. Reach out to Michael’s team to check for availability.

“11 principles for extraordinary leadership & Living”

Presentation objectives:

1. Attendees will learn core principles for creating a powerful VISION for life and business that will underline critical personal and organizational capabilities.  

2. Attendees will gain deep insights into the habits, competencies and mindsets that shape the IDENTITY of extraordinary people of impact.   

3. Attendees will understand how their established VISION and redefined IDENTITY will set their life and business on an inevitable path for impact based on the choices they make and the ACTIONS they take.



1. "Words spoken set life in motion"

2. "Live with the end in mind"

3. "In all things, be filled with gratitude"

4. "Each day, give of yourself more than you ever have before"

5. "Blame no one but yourself"

6. "Develop a burning desire"

7. "You must take action"

8. "Always persist"

9. "You are a creature of habit"

10. "Love will set you free"

11. "You must choose to believe"

[storytelling for leaders]
“The power of effective storytelling”

Presentation objectives:

1. Learn the scientific reasons for why storytelling allows you to gain TRUST and CONNECT with people.

2. Learn the 4 key components of a good story and how you as a leader can use your story to spread your message/idea. 

3. Understand the psychology behind storytelling to INSPIRE, CONNECT, and MOVE your teams, clients, and people to action.

4. Don't think you have a story that can impact people? Learn why simple stories are very effective!